Rapid Deployment Networks

As well as providing fixed line managed broadband connections, we can also provide rapid deployment networks should your business suffer a failure of your existing connectivity or other unforeseen event (fire, flood, theft etc) occur which leaves your business without connectivity.

We can provide connections between sites (private networks) or from a site to the internet to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. We can get most sites live within 24 hours, more quickly too if you need it.

The connectivity we provide is carrier grade, between 20Mb/s and 300Mb/s with internet connectivity directly from our tier 2 network partners. This results in a good coverage of the UK, particularly major towns and cities or populated areas.

In the event of any wide-reaching disaster that affects more than just your business, we have a number of solutions which can still achieve connectivity for your business when local infrastructure is degraded or non existent.

We recognise that there are only so many business continuity plans you can actually plan for, when the unexpected happens you need a single point of contact that can deliver the connectivity you need so you can continue trading - thats Contingency Networks.

To enquire about our rapid deployment network services or to get an immediate response please contact us.

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