Highly Secure, Security Compliant Hosting

To complete our full range of managed services we can offer highly secure hosting in security certified and compliant locations. This ensures physical data integrity for your servers and data allowing all manner of public, private and sensitive records to be held and financial transactions to be performed in a safe environment.

All our data centre locations are manned 24x7 with security considerations such as fingerprint or biometric access, full CCTV including facial recognition. We provide a number of carrier-neutral networks to these locations as well as a range of GCSx and NHS certified firewall and network access.

From our managed virtual servers to our dedicated SSL servers you gain all the benefits of outsourcing hosting with none of the security headaches you would normally expect.

We currently offer two data centres in the UK - one in the North, and one in the South of England with multiple DWDM waves between facilities. DR is second nature to us, offering dedicated SAN facilities in both locations and as a single delivery.

No-one does data and transaction security like Contingency Networks, our growth and client base speaks for itself.

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