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Contingency Networks is born out of a technology gap between common xDSL services and leased lines which puts small and medium businesses in a difficult position.

Consumer grade ADSL services (even ones described as 'business') are provided from the local BT exchange by the same telephone line that supplies the analogue voice service. This pair of copper wires has many joins in it, within the exchange, in the green street cabinets, up poles and underground. It is quite common for this telephone line to be some 4000 metres from the exchange to your premises - suffice to say this has considerable risk around being disrupted.

These connections are also restricted in terms of speed throughput. While the downstream rates have improved in recent years, the upstream is limited to less than 1Mb/s. IT applications have continued to develop and so often require more than this for large documents or interactive applications.

The only alternative to date is to install a leased line which is normally a piece of fibre from the exchange to your premises which can carry a near limitless amount of data. The problem is that leased lines are expensive and unjustifiable by all but the biggest large corporate organisations.

Contingency Networks bridge the technology gap by providing a fully managed broadband internet service comprising of many ADSL lines joined together to aggregate the bandwidth available for downstream, and upstream.

For example, we can provide a 1000Mb/s connection to your business with provision for 17.5Mb/s upstream. This will satisfy today’s most demanding applications or a large number of IT users.

Importantly, this connectivity is not reliant upon a single internet connection so should one line develop a fault, the connectivity is only impaired until the fault can be fixed. A 100Mb/s connection is provided on five lines, so a single fault can only degrade the downstream connection by 20Mb/s.

What’s more, our connectivity is presented on a single Ethernet cable for you to use within your organisation so you don't need to worry about individual lines, or the technology behind it - just reap the benefits of our solution and peace of mind that your internet connection will always be there.

We monitor and manage each connection to ensure it is performing optimally for your needs. We can support Voice over IP, streaming video and other 'priority' protocols alongside normal web browsing, email and all other types of traffic. We will work with you to ensure that your connectivity grows with your business.

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