High Speed, High Quality Connectivity up to 10Gb/s!

Poor quality DSL? Leased lines too expensive? Excess Construction Charges?

Contingency Networks provide fully managed network connectivity services using microwave technology to achieve connections where traditional copper and fibre are not suitable.

Our solutions are carrier grade, fully managed and provide an equivalent grade of service to traditional copper and fibre leased lines. We have an established network infrastructure in the Midlands which means a very short lead-time to deliver services up to 1000Mb/s.

We provide fully managed leased line alternative services using our own network independent of traditional fibre carriers.

As network connectivity is increasingly business critical we can provide high capacity connectivity quickly and more economically than most traditional suppliers. Our services are also ideal for use as resilience to existing services ensuring true supplier diversity and seamless failover.

Midlands Network

Our network has expanded month by month to cover most of the Midlands with tower and rooftop base stations serving most areas.

Our network capacity is increasing too with most customers taking 100Mb/s services to provide all their internet connectivity, site-to-site connectivity, VoIP and video needs.

Where we don't have coverage today we're never far away so let us know your requirement and we can often extend our network to reach your premises.

We can also provide true technology diversity - with a microwave and leased line combination we can provide true 100% uptimes for your business, no more frustrating outages.

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Our network is growing rapidly based on customer demand, not only in capacity but in geographic footprint too. You can use our checker tool to see what service you can receive from Contingency Networks or get in touch.

Technical characteristics:
  • Point-to-point layer 2 connections between customer sites or
  • Point-to-internet from anywhere within our network footprint
  • Less than 5ms latency too "the internet" from customer sites
  • Less than 2ms jitter irrespective of link throughput
  • Up to 1000Mb/s throughput available as standard products
  • Higher speed products available as bespoke requirements
  • Automatic QoS for prioritisation of real time streaming traffic (IEEE 802.1p)
  • Robust and resilient carrier grade core network infrastructure
  • Small antenna footprint: no planning considerations
  • Easy antenna mounting on rooftop or side of building

We take care of everything including surveys, equipment installation, integration with existing connectivity solutions (for use in a failover environment) and manage your connection 24x7 from our Operations Centre.

We proactively monitor all aspects of your service.

We also look at usage trends and changes in the way you use your connectivity to plan your longer term requirements. We specialise in prioritising Voice over IP, Video Conferencing and inter-site VPNs to seamlessly integrate with your existing IT network and infrastructure.

We are entirely customer focused.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to understand their connectivity requirements and how their needs will develop over time and other aspects of their IT, networking and internet connectivity that we can help with. At Contingency Networks you will receive personal attention from our expert team of network professionals.

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